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Training For your warrington taxi licence


The first step to becoming a taxi driver is for you to introduce yourself to us. The first process will be to fill in a short application form that can be found at the bottom of this page. After the initial application we will contact you to arrange a formal meeting at our office in Bewsey. After the Meeting you will then move onto stage 2. if stage 2 has already been completed then you are able to start making money driving either your own vehicle or one provided by Direct Taxis.

Taking your Warrington Taxi Test

    Taxi Test

To be a taxi driver in Warrington you must pass a knowledge test with Warrington borough council. The test is set into 7 sections the majority of the sections are covered in the two booklets the council provide you with on your application. The other sections include general knowledge of Warrington, shortest route, and a simple maths test. Direct Taxi will help you through every step of your training. Once you have passed your Taxi Licence test in Warrington you can then move onto stage 3.

Congratulations, You passed your taxi licence in warrington


Wow Congratulations. You are now a qualified taxi driver in Warrington. This last stage will see you on the road and earning money. If you have your own vehicle that you would like to use as a taxi then this must be licensed by the taxi licensing in Warrington. We can help you with this. If you don't have your own vehicle then we can also help. We have many options available so to get you on the road as quick as possible. One more time, Congratulations on passing your taxi Licence in Warrington and a big Welcome to Direct Taxis.

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Book Your Taxi On The Go!

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Airport transfers to and from the airport

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Direct Taxis is the most reliable taxi firm in Warrington and this makes us proud. Are you currently working as a driver for another of Warrington's Taxi firm? Are you fed up with the amount of no-shows you get day in day out. Direct taxis have the answer for you, We keep no-shows down to a minimal by providing a fantastic service which we aim to be on time every time.

Our control staff are second to none when it comes to expertise in navigation and vast knowledge of Warrington's roads and traffic. This is the center key to our operation and along with sophisticated technology and fantastic drivers we all make Direct Taxis the place to be.

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